HAKOtte? is a survey of the street as a site of trade & social exchange, of our sense of value, and the appeal of boxes. 「箱って?」は、わたしたちの価値観や「箱」というものの謎めいた魅力、そして商業的・社会的な交流の場としての「まち」の関係を探ることを目的とした、スー・ヘイドゥのプロジェクトである。
Over the course of four days, the artist will barter boxes from her city of residence with boxes owned by local Sendai people in a quiet part of Ichiban-cho 4-chome shopping street. Each box comes with its own story. 4日間の会期中、一番町四丁目でヘイドゥがサイゴンから持参した箱と、仙台の人々が持ち寄った箱との「物々交換」が行われる。彼女と参加者との対話で交換されるのは、箱だけではなくその箱にまつわる記憶や物語なのだ。
This project is presented through Sendai Art City Project, Art Sendai Basho 2008. 「箱って?」はアート・プロジェクト「ART仙台場所2008」に参加するプロジェクトである。


the artist

■ プロフィール



サイゴンに拠点を構えて7年。スー・ヘイドゥはアーティスト・イニシアティブ a little blah blah(ア・リトル・ブラ・ブラ)の創設者の一人であり、現在同団体で美術ディレクターを務める。ア・リトル・ブラ・ブラは2005年1月よりアートプロジェクト、イベント、展覧会、トーク、レジデンスプログラムやアートカタログ等のアーカイブを展開している。RMIT国際大学ベトナム校マルチメディア科で教鞭も取る。


「交換価値」(Exchange Value) 2001 「あなたに素敵な喜びを願って」(Wishing You Great Pleasure) 2007 上記の二つは価値や経済の調査を基盤としたプロジェクト。
そして、マグマ|誰も羊は数えていない (MAGMA │ we're not counting sheep) 2006
「作戦 捕らえられた観客 コード名 冷たがね」(Operation CAPTIVE AUDIENCE code-name: COLD CHISEL) 2007  こちらは道路など公共の場所や、街で広まる噂の力を効果的に使ったプロジェクト。

より詳細な情報はSue Hajduのホームページへ: www.suehajdu.com


Sue Hajdu majored in Japanese studies before completing her Masters in Visual Art, both from the University of Sydney. She lived in Japan in the late 80s and early 90s and has worked extensively with the Japanese community in Sydney. In Japan she was taken by the exquisite aesthetics of Japanese packaging, and the simple elegance of Japanese lacquer boxes. Some of her favorite treasures are boxes bought during that time. On a personal and artistic level, boxes are the object on an intense psychological and aesthetic fascination.

Sue Hajdu's artistic practice covers the fields of visual art, curation and writing. While she trained in photography, she works eclectically with various media, orchestrating them into what she prefers to consider as projects rather than artworks. Her recent focus is projects in public space that take on the monumental scale of the city as a site, balancing this against ephemeral materials, hit-and-run performances and the immateriality of rumor.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for seven years, Sue Hajdu is co-founder and artistic director of the artist's initiative, a little blah blah, which has presented projects, events, exhibitions, talks, residencies and an open archive since 2005. She is full time lecturer in Multimedia at RMIT International University, Vietnam.

Previous projects related to HAKOtte? include:

Exchange Value, 2001 & Wishing You Great Pleasure, 2007, which examined values and economies and MAGMAwe're not counting sheep, 2006 & Operation CAPTIVE AUDIENCE code-name: COLD CHISEL, 2007 which utilized the public space of the street and the capacity of rumor to spread city-wide.

For further details please see: www.suehajdu.com

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